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Kate Vernor, E-RYT-200

Collective Director

The director of the Palms Together Yoga Collective, Kate graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois Springfield and an MA in Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She discovered yoga a decade ago and found her calling as a teacher in 2013.


Kate completed her 200-hour registered yoga teacher training at Sundara Yoga Therapy in Austin, Texas in 2013. She then went on to earn her Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist (TIYT) designation and Heavyweight® Yoga instructor certification. She believes everyone can benefit from yoga and is passionate about finding a way to make yoga accessible to everybody.

Kate is currently offering live series classes and an on demand library of previously recorded classes. 

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Johanna Burke, RYT-500

Johanna started practicing yoga to relieve stress, but it became so much more. She became a teacher to bring to others what yoga gave her—self-confidence and a physical and mental strength that she didn’t realize was there. In her classes, you’ll work hard and get a nice, long savasana. Naturally quiet, teaching brings out a playful side in Johanna where she loves to laugh and have fun. When she’s not teaching, you can find her with her nose in a book or writing. She loves to spend time with her pup, Molly, and her family.

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Jordan Burkhardt

Jordan discovered yoga while attending college at the University of Oregon in 2011. As a high school gymnast and springboard diver, he saw it as a way to continue to promote his overall fitness and flexibility. Little did he know, he would end up finding a deeper spiritual connection with his body, mind, and soul and ultimately fall in love with the practice.


After getting into a car accident on his bicycle a few years later, which left him with chronic back and neck pain, he found himself coming to yoga as a means to reconstruct and realign his body to heal his injuries. Yoga became a daily practice for him and through mindfulness and body alignment he was able to relieve himself of what was once constant pain and discomfort. 


Once he experienced this first hand, he decided to become a yoga instructor so he could provide others with the same healing and spiritual benefits that he found in his practice. So he obtained his 200 hour certification in 2019 after practicing for 9 years through Palms Together Yoga.


Jordan provides a well-rounded class, beginning with meditation, breathwork and setting intentions, followed by gentle warm-ups for the entire spine and then flowing into a more active vinyasa, ending with a deep relaxation. Jordan strives to construct his classes for all experience levels but does like to provide you a chance to give yourself a bit of a challenge. 


He is thrilled to be a part of this new collective format and is looking forward to seeing you on the mat, whether it be through his live Zoom classes or access to his video library!


Tonya Keach Moist

Tonya Keach, certified in Kripalu and prenatal yoga, began practicing yoga in 1997 and teaching classes in 2001.  Her classes blend postures & breathing, as well as reflection, intention, and the occasional chanting. This brings a meditative quality to her teaching style. Tonya’s classes guide students to trust their boundless inner wisdom and surrender to the flow of life moving through them, as them. Students are reminded that yoga is not merely a practice, but also a path. This helps to inspire her students to carry the peace of their practice into their lives, and into the world.

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Trudy Shea, MSEd, RYT-200

Trudy’s childhood was filled with day after day of nature exploration, animals, learning about woodland herbs from her father and grandmother, and a passion for horses. She says her most important childhood lesson was to surrender to the dense silence of a deep forest without fear. 

Trudy’s meditation and yoga journeys began in 1968 with Transcendental Meditation. She completed a Mindfulness certification at the Center for Greater Good and also follows the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Sharon Saltzberg.  In 1980, she became a Reiki Master and in 2002, a certified life coach and owner of In-Balance Life Coaching.  Trudy teaches classes and workshops for many age groups and body types focusing on deep restoration and whole-body wellness. She is certified in Somatic Techniques, Tai Chi, and the Warriors at Ease program for Veterans. Her undergraduate degree in science and music opened the way to explore Sound Healing which facilitates a deep meditative state to balance the body’s energetic centers.

Her passion is guiding people experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, stress, and grief toward transformational change by focusing on mind, body, and spirit integration through the practices of meditation and yoga.


Nell Wood, CYT-200

Inner Peace and Wellness Coach

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Body & Emotional Awareness Guide

Nell became a student of yoga and meditation in 2001 to strengthen her body, open her mind and connect to her soul.  She found her calling as teacher in 2013 becoming a certified Pranakriya Yoga teacher.

Nell leads classes that focus on functional movement and she incorporates body awareness techniques to help guide students deeper into themselves to discover their power and potential from within.  

Lighthearted and easy going Nell brings that same sense to her classes and she pulls from other disciplines like Pilates, Tai Chi, Kettlebells so her classes are varied and accessible for all levels.

Check out a class with her through the Palms Together Yoga Collective Subscription. She also offers 1 on 1 personal coaching in yoga and meditation.  She can guide you in establishing your own Sacred Ritual of Wellness to help you meet your personal wellbeing goals

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