Studio Policies

Palms Together Yoga Studio Policies

In order to maintain a consistent experience for the teachers and our students, the following policies are in place. Violation of these policies will not be tolerated. Please let Kate know if you have any questions or concerns. Namaste.

​Teacher Paperwork
  • Teachers are considered independent contractors. Therefore, I need a completed a W-9 form on file if you earn >$600 from PTY in the year in order for you to receive a 1099. Anything under $600 will not warrant a 1099 and is your responsibility to report. 

  • Teachers are required to carry liability Insurance and I need a paper copy on file. If you do not have Liability Insurance, you will not be allowed to teach or rent space.

  • Checks will be left in an envelope with your name on it the first week of each month with payment for the prior month. If you teach at the Bloomington studio, the envelopes will be in the top drawer. If you teach at the Normal studio, the envelopes will be in the prop closet.

  • Please do NOT write the amount the individual student paid on the sign-in sheet. Rather, you only need to indicate if they are utilizing a class pass and the TOTAL cash amount for the class. This is to ensure individuals do not feel pressure to pay/donate any specific amount.

  • For accounting purposes, please do not take your portion of cash if people utilize the Pay What You Can option on a class! Please write the total of cash collected for the class on the bottom of the sheet and place the cash into the cash box (Bloomington) or cash bag (Normal.)


Student Paperwork
  • All students need to have a signed waiver on file. Please ensure all new students are completing waivers. 

  • ALL STUDENTS MUST SIGN IN! Whether they are utilizing a class pass they purchased online or doing a cash donation, they are required to physically sign into the class and indicate when they ARE utilizing a class pass. 

  • Please be respectful of all students, teachers, and tenants at both locations. If you are experiencing any issues (noise, disruptive behavior, etc.), please notify me so I can address it as soon as possible. I want your teaching experience to be as low stress as possible.

  • Out of respect for our students and the other teachers, classes need to start and end on time. Our online schedule does not always reflect everything occurring at the studio, as there are sometimes special events. 

  • If only one student is in attendance for a class, class will be held at the teacher’s discretion. 

  • If for any reason you feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a class,  or if a student is disrupting the class, please take appropriate actions (Ask the student to leave, call me, call emergency support services.)

  • If a student is more than 5 minutes late to a class, he or she will not be allowed to participate. This is out of respect for the teacher and other students. This time is used to center and warm up and missing this could negatively impact the student's practice.

  • Friends and/or family are NOT allowed to attend Offsite classes (ex: DESTIHL, Old Bank, Lexington) at a discounted rate or for free. There are agreements in place with the hosting businesses regarding payment that require payment from everyone.

  • If you need a sub, please reach out to the teacher group, including me. I prefer to never cancel a class, but understand that things happen!

  • To maintain a professional setting and protect our liability coverage, pets and children need to be left at home (unless the class or event specifically involves them.)

  • Ensure all lights are turned out in the studio, restroom(s), break room, office, etc, when you leave and the door(s) are securely locked. If you have adjusted the thermostat, please return it to the original setting.

  • Please leave the studio the way you found it (i.e. props returned to the appropriate places in the prop wall, trash disposed of, etc.)

  • If you notice something is empty, (toilet paper, kleenex, etc.) please refill it. If we are out, please let me know so I can purchase more.

Last Updated 11/17/17

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