RYT-200: Yoga Teacher Training

Palms Together Yoga is now accepting applications for RYT-200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training! 


At Palms Together Yoga, we believe that yoga should be accessible to anyone who has an interest in it, and that effective teachers are prepared to help every student develop a fulfilling yoga practice. In partnership with Ganesha Yoga, our 200-hour yoga teacher training adheres to Yoga Alliance’s standards and has a clear focus on therapeutic practices, specialized teaching methods and pose modifications that will equip you to teach students with specific conditions or diseases, those that need a more personalized teaching method to get the most from their yoga practice, as well as beginners and more experienced practitioners. Please email info@palmstogetheryoga.com for an application!

All yoga has the potential to be therapeutic, so what is therapeutic yoga and why is it different? A student might go to any general yoga class and over time, feel different or better—physically stronger, more peaceful, more whole. But the full therapeutic potential of yoga is released when a knowledgeable teacher with in-depth training skillfully applies effective tools tailored to facilitate that client’s healing. That is very different from a traditional group yoga class. These tools can be applied in individual client sessions, or for groups of students with a common condition or life situation. Yoga therapy is being used in hospitals, integrative health centers, housing projects, prisons, psychotherapy offices, assisted living facilities, and many other venues. Allied health professionals can immediately incorporate what they learn in this program to assist their clients and patients. Specialized therapeutic yoga programs exist for a variety of health conditions, including addiction and recovery, heart disease, grief and loss, cancer, anxiety and depression, diabetes, back pain, GI disorders, stress—the list is extensive. The field of yoga therapy is relatively new, and is wide open for you to make your mark in it.

Skillful application of therapeutic yoga tools can greatly impact client well-being, physical health and mental outlook. The Ganesha Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training will provide you with knowledge, tools, and insight to teach therapeutic yoga in communities that matter to you. Our graduates use what they have learned in a variety of ways. Some teach yoga part- or full-time in studios, gyms, and other traditional venues. Some incorporate yoga into their full-time work in allied health. Others uncovered a passion for helping others and changed careers to better align their values with their work. It’s up to you what you do with it.

To be a fully certified yoga therapist by IAYT 1,000 hours of training are required, 800 of them from an accredited school. Ganesha’s program gives you a head start on the path to certification. With that said, you don’t have to be a certified yoga therapist to work with clients and students therapeutically. Note: the yoga therapy components of this course are based on our training with Integrative Yoga Therapy and others, as well as hundreds of hours of client work, not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.


The Ganesha Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training has a specific focus on making yoga accessible to all students—those who are fit and healthy, and those who come to yoga to improve their health and well-being.

Techniques, Training & Practice
• Understanding the nuances of each asana: taking an in-depth look at the purpose of each pose and key points of safe alignment
• Breathing techniques (pranayama), their effects on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how to use them to enhance both physical and meditative yoga practices
• Meditation techniques, and related practices like mantra, affirmation and Yoga Nidra
• Using mudras to connect with the energy body
• Making yoga accessible: principles of modification
• Prudent and creative use of props, including chairs, walls, balls, dowels—anything is fair game when creating ways to support students in their practice
• Effectively leading private and group classes for students with a particular condition, disease, or life situation
• Where to find research on yoga and how to use it in your teaching and business planning
• Maintaining a personal practice


Teaching Methodology
• Traditional hatha and vinyasa sequencing and cueing
• Effective demonstration techniques and progressive cueing
• Giving appropriate adjustments, including ways to do so without touch
• Developing memorable yoga classes using energetic anatomy to cue koshas, chakras and prana vayus
• Principles of sequencing and spontaneous sequencing changes
• Structuring and leading specialty classes such as restorative, prenatal, yin, chair, somatic and plus-size yoga
• Using your voice as a teaching tool, and avoiding “yoga teacher voice”
• Developing a teaching style that is authentic to you and serves your students
• Expanding your teaching into private sessions
• Making your class trauma-informed
• The business of yoga – how to market yourself and build your teaching portfolio


Anatomy & Physiology
• How muscles, bones and fascia are engaged during yoga practice
• Pathophysiology of common injuries and chronic conditions
• Energetic anatomy: nadis, prana vayus, koshas and chakras
• Fascia – what is it and why is yoga so effective in maintaining fascial health

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

• The Yoga Sutras, the document that forms the philosophical base of classical yoga
• Yamas & Niyamas, the guiding behavioral principle of yoga
• The five koshas
• Living a “yogic lifestyle” – finding an authentic version for you
• Ethical teaching and practice

• Practice teaching in class beginning your first day
• Teach the public in community classes
• Participating in a variety of classes to experience and analyze different teaching styles
• Develop a class for a group of students with a common condition, disease or life situation


Friday 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Week 1: January 10-12

Week 2: January 24-26

Week 3: February 7-9

Week 4: February 21-23

Week 5: February 28-March 1

Week 6: March 13-15

Week 7: March 27-30

Week 8: April 3-5

Week 9: April 17-19

Week 10: May 1-3


Cost: $3100 + Materials - $100 Early Bird Discount for Paying In Full by 11/30, $100 Discount for Paying with Cash or Check. Payment plan available. 100% Refund less Processing Fees if canceled by 1/1/2019. 1/1 - 1/11 - Refund of tuition, less $250 Deposit and Processing Fees. No refunds will be issued after class starts 1/11. To ensure a personal experience, class sizes will be limited. A $250 deposit is due at time of application acceptance.


Email us at info@palmstogetheryoga.com for an application!

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